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Alfresco Menu

If you're having an outdoor function, we offer a whole host of outdoor cooking options...


Outdoor Barbecue & Grill

Minimum 40 people.
We can cook pretty much anything you like (within reason) on our barbecue, including:-

- steaks, fish & seafood
- home-made beef, lamb and vegeburgers
- butcher-made premium sausages
- exotic meats (e.g. zebra / ostrich / kangaroo / springbok / camel etc.)
- marinated joints (e.g. pork loin / leg or shoulder of lamb / chicken etc.)
- vegan and vegetarian ranges including black bean burgers, grilled halloumi and a range of skewers & kebabs


A range of authentic paellas cooked and served in giant paella pans.

Giant Paellas

Includes a range of artisan breads.
Minimum 30 people (1 flavour), 50 people (2 flavours) or 70 people (3 flavours).


Calasparra rice gently cooked with onions, capsicum, saffron, garlic, cayenne & paprika, then finished with a range of fresh ingredients including:-

- basic seafood
- luxury seafood
- chicken
- rabbit
- pork
- roasted vegetable


Using either our inbuilt wood-fired pizza oven or our mobile version we offer a range of hand made artisan pizzas with thin crispy bases and a range of toppings for all tastes.\r\nMinimum 20 people

Artisan Pizzas

Typically our flavours include:-

- margherita
- crab, chilli & garlic
- lamb meatball calzone
- roasted Mediterranean vegetable
- Moroccan spiced ground beef flatbread with pine nuts & parsley
- prosciutto, caramelized onion & goats cheese with balsamic reduction
- roasted onion, artichoke, Parma ham, pesto & egg
- pepperoni, sausage & ground beef

Spit Roast

Perfect for larger groups, we offer either locally-reared lamb or Suffolk-reared hogs slowly spit-roasted for several hours and basted with home-made herb brushes for maximum flavour and succulence.

Hog & Lamb Roasts

We cook, shred and serve your meat in soft baps with stuffing & apple sauce to accompany the pork and mint sauce for the lamb.
NB For smaller numbers we can prepare slow-cooked pulled pork or lamb in the kitchen.

- Lamb: 80-90 people approx
- Pork: 100-150 people approx.


We can supplement any of the cooked food options with an extensive range of freshly prepared salads. \r\nNo minimum numbers.


We can provide any salad you'd like, but these are some of our standard options:

- green/garden salads with various dressings
- salade niçoise (tuna, tomato, olives, green beans, egg, new potato)
- caprese (tomato, mozzarella, basil & olive oil)
- beetroot, goats cheese & walnut
- cous cous with roasted vegetables
- potato, red onion, capers & lemon mayonnaise
- roasted butternut squash, red onion & halloumi
- Caesar salad (with chicken and bacon options)


We can also provide all the little extras that make your event extra special...

Little Extras

These are some of the things that we can offer, and if there’s anything else you’d like us to provide, please just ask!

- artisan breads
- tapas & sharing platters
- marinated olives
- crisps & nuts
- cheese platters
- children's milk & cookie station
- fresh fruit station
- bespoke cake making service
- salad dressings, oils, sauces & dips
- ice creams and ice lollies